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The negotiation over the price of an object or service is one that can be influenced through a variety of means. Price tags never seem to be set in only one absolute number, yet one is always quoted, especially when they are in the setting of policies, such as insurance, which never have a bottom line. This was the philosophy I took in my thoughts while preparing and going into the O’Connell Insurance Agency on Saturday morning last week. I realized after talking to my sister, who herself is a fairly novice and naive negotiator, that one gains success through initiating and stirring the process, and excepting there is much room for change. So, off I set to O’Connell to negotiate a new price for my yearly homeowner’s insurance policy.
Prior to the actual day of negotiating, I knew that I needed to prepare. In my current life, I am determined to make my time and efforts count for something worthy, therefore, not preparing prior to the meeting would not be tolerated. I knew that an ill-prepared discussion would not get my goal accomplished and make me feel uncomfortable. Preparation would be the best way to thoroughly allow for a deal that would satisfy both parties and continue a long lasting relationship.

Write precis essay

write precis essay


write precis essaywrite precis essaywrite precis essaywrite precis essay