Whitman college admission essay

Bucknell University (EDII) (PA)
Carleton College (EDII) (MN)
Champlain College (EDII) (VT)
Colgate University (EDII) (NY)
College of Wooster (EDII) (OH)
Denison University (EDII) (OH)
Dickinson College (EDII) (PA)
Drew University (EDII) (NJ)
Elmira College (NY)
Franklin and Marshall College (EDII) (PA)
Gettysburg College (EDII) (PA)
Kenyon College (EDII) (OH)
Lafayette College (PA)
Lehigh University (EDII) (PA)
Rollins College (EDII) (FL)
St. Olaf College (EDII) (MN)
Skidmore College (EDII) (NY)
Stevens Institute of Technology (EDII) (NJ)
Union College (EDII) (NY)
University of Richmond (EDII) (VA)
Ursinus College (PA)
Wesleyan College (EDII) (GA)

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Most people stay on campus for their fun, "especially first-years," and throughout this "bubble" the "sense of closeness and comradeship is very evident through attendance at student-run concerts, art shows, etc." Everything is within ten minutes' walking distance. Academics take precedence for almost everyone, but "most students find time to party on the weekends," due to a "lenient and fair" alcohol policy. Thanks to the campus activities board, "there's almost always something fun going on, whether or not a person chooses to drink," such as Drive-In Movie Night and Casino Night. With "four beautiful seasons," outdoor activities are also very popular, thanks to "a great gear rental program that gets people outside hiking, biking, kayaking, and rock-climbing," and "Frisbees are everywhere when it's warm." In fact, there's so much going on "if someone says they are bored, students laugh and wish they could relate."

Whitman college admission essay

whitman college admission essay


whitman college admission essaywhitman college admission essaywhitman college admission essaywhitman college admission essay