Werther essay

Beautifully written. My son, now 15, became diabetic in 2nd grade, and it hits some children *much* younger. I’ve talked to parents who literally had to tackle their toddler son to attach a new pump, and others who’s daughter was prone to seizures at night. Every school lunch, play date, field trip — any time a young diabetic is away from parental control for more than a brief interval — must be carefully planned for safety. Many private schools do not have full time nursing staff and will not accept diabetics. If a child has diabetes and any variety of special needs, good luck.

The most noted divergence is a structural change: there is no duel in the original story, nor is there a character such as Johann. The "unknown woman" from the book never marries, but lives off a series of lovers who remain unnamed and mostly unintrusive. Because of this, the protagonist's actions offend no one in particular. In the film, Brand is challenged to a duel, which he initially plans to ditch. The finale reveals the contestant to be Johann, who demands satisfaction over Lisa's affair. Having read Lisa's letter, Brand boldly accepts the duel and walks into it, his fate uncertain. This redeeming action has no literary equivalent. In fact, Brand's literary equivalent can only faintly recall Lisa after reading the letter, and there's no significant event past this.

Werther essay

werther essay


werther essaywerther essaywerther essaywerther essay