Uwo thesis final submission

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SECOND, THIRD and FOURTH YEAR: Module Requirements
course in Psychology 2820E (must be taken prior to all 3000 level courses)
course in Psychology numbered 2100-2299.
course in Psychology numbered 2300-2799.
course in Psychology numbered 2000-2999.
course in Psychology numbered 3100-3299.
course in Psychology numbered 3300-3799.
course in Psychology numbered 2100-2999.
course in Psychology numbered 3100-3999.
course in Psychology numbered 3100-4999.

CAUTION:  If you are taking a 2nd year or higher level statistics course taught in another department that is antirequisite to Psychology 2820E Research Methods and Statistical Analysis in Psychology (for example, one of Bio 2244A/B, MOS 2242A/B, Soc 2205A/B, Stats 2035, Stats 2244A/B) then instead of taking the credit Psychology 2820E, you must take only the Psychology 2800E (Research Methods in Psychology).  Do NOT take both Psychology 2820E and Psychology 2800E, nor both of Psychology 2820E and a 2nd year statistics course from another department.  You will still be allowed to use your Psych 2800E with the 2nd year stats course from the other department in place of the Psych 2820E prerequisite listed in the 3000+ level Psychology courses.  If you require further clarification of this note, please make an appointment with the Psychology Academic Advisor by calling 519-661-2067 for either an in-person or over-the-phone appointment, or send an e-mail to [email protected] requesting clarification.  The Psychology Major requires Psychology credits at the 2nd year and above level. 

Subsidiary Courses: other courses. If you are also doing a module in another subject area, then that module’s courses would be amongst these courses. Depending on which other module you plan on completing, you may be able to take additional Psychology courses outside of the minimum required by the Psychology Major Module. See second “Note” below.

Uwo thesis final submission

uwo thesis final submission


uwo thesis final submissionuwo thesis final submissionuwo thesis final submissionuwo thesis final submission