United nations essay contest

The . should accept responsibility, and it can, in a variety of ways. It can issue a formal apology for its role in the cholera outbreak, a solution that will cost nothing and will begin to mend the deeply damaged, mistrustful relationship between Haitians and . forces. It can set up the “standing claims commission” that it promised in its peacekeeping agreement with Haiti and failed to create, and use this as a mechanism to hear the claims of victims and their families. While certainly complex and challenging, large-scale claims commissions created in the wake of tragedy are not unprecedented. The United Nations Compensation Commission in Iraq and the September 11 th Victim Compensation Fund both successfully addressed claims of a diverse and large group of victims. Finally, the . can offer a guarantee of nonrepetition, accepting responsibility for the wrong, acknowledging the gravity of harm, and ensuring internal change so that such preventable tragedy will not happen again.

Stopping transportation, communication, and ceasing diplomatic relations are all strict provisions, but do not include military action. ... We will not get into international law, but a problem with it is that many nations are suspicious of law originating in the West. ... All the members of the United Nations are under the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice. ... Similar to a nation's code of law, international laws are made and followed according to the rule of precedence. ... Using these cases develop norms in international society. ...

United nations essay contest

united nations essay contest


united nations essay contestunited nations essay contestunited nations essay contestunited nations essay contest