Tuck everlasting essay outline

The Tucks view immortality quite differently from the rest of the world because they are experiencing it. It is one thing to want to live forever, another thing entirely when it happens to you. As they watched the world around them change (not always for the better) and as they lose those individuals whom they care about (because they age and the Tuck's do not) they gained a different perspective on immortality, one which Winnie comes to understand through her own close relationship to the Tucks. We often long for things (such as everlasting life) because they have a certain allure - we think that they will make our lives better, when in reality the opposite is often the case. When you are immortal, you don't get to experience the intense array of feelings and emotions that those individuals who understand life as fleeting experience is what Winnie comes to understand through her connection to them.

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Tuck everlasting essay outline

tuck everlasting essay outline


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