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25 years after the incident, a piece in Detroit News featured interviews with the officers and Dismukes. They had largely moved on, living in different cities, while Dismukes at the time was a security supervisor at the stadium that houses the Detroit Pistons. Speaking of the incident and the subsequent fall-out, Senak said, “That whole period is a negative. I’ve spent my life trying to forget about it.” Paille said, “I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of (about) what I did at that place or around that place.” August said, “I’m glad that it’s all behind me. I’ve been married 29 years, and I’ve got five lovely daughters.” Dismukes, meanwhile, said, “I had nothing to do with what they had done. And to this day I still say the only reason my name was linked with them was to get them off. It would put less pressure on them if they could tie a black person in with it. Now you can’t make it a racial issue.”

The only thing worse than being a devoted fan of a perennially-shitty-except-when-they’re-sometimes-good-but-never-good-enough team is being a devoted fan of a PSEWTSGBNGE team that perpetually alienates the only good players they’ve ever had. Seriously? You’re going to make Calvin Johnson repay his bonus money? After he A) was the only thing making you consistently watchable and B) was the only thing making you relevant outside the Midwest? So you can go spend that million on yet-another retread, former-Patriot injury risk? For fuck’s sake. Give that man his money. I trust him with it more than you.

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Time detroit photo essay

time detroit photo essay


time detroit photo essaytime detroit photo essaytime detroit photo essaytime detroit photo essay