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Substantial research has covered the area of strategic planning and strategy formulation, but literature on addressing the problem of high rates of unsuccessful implementations is still insufficient (Hrebiniak L. G., 2006). Effective strategic planning has been assumed to be synonymous with successful with implementation efforts, but researchers have identified implementation as a process that should be considered more in depth because of the challenges enactment and change brings over organizations (Mintzberg, 1994).  According to Johnson (2003), 66% of corporate strategies are never implemented. Some of the research that has intended to explain some of the reasons for the successes and failures of implementation have identified  importance of control systems that monitor according to a standard of change and performance (Jaworski, Stathakopoulos, & Krishnan, 1993; Simkin, 1996), resource allocations (Sterling, 2003), vertical communication and coordination across organizational levels (Beer & Eisenstat, 2000), and the commitment among top level management (William, 1991). Recently, strategic implementation has been conceptualized as a core competency, involving multiple levels and variables, assessed through the 5 P’s approach, including Purpose, Principles, Processes, People, and Performance (Pryor, Anderson, Toombs, & Humphreys, 2007). This comprehensive model integrates multiple factors including behaviors, processes, structures, operations, and tactics, which display a comprehensive model of strategic implementation (Pryor, Anderson, Toombs, & Humphreys, 2007). Although this model describes important behavioral variables and leadership qualities, it does not include the role of affect across the levels of implementation.

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Thesis calendar wordpress

thesis calendar wordpress


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