Teddy roosevelt argumentative essay

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THE 1905 INAUGURATION .'s VOICE Trust Bosses (1912) Standard Oil (1912) Liberty of the People (1912) Boys Progressive League (1913) Social & Industrial Justice (1912) Right of The People To Rule (1912) The Farmer & The Businessman (1912) The Square Deal (1912)     (Real Player) Progressive Covenant with the People (1912) President Theodore Roosevelt 26th President of the United States of America                                   Term of Office:    September 14, 1901    -    March 4, 1909

McCain now claims he’s a Republican in the Teddy Roosevelt mold? I wonder which of his band of writers came up with that absurdity. Surely they are counting on people (and the press) being unable to read history. John McCain is today and always has been nothing more than a Republican in the mold of George W Bush. Both are the ne’er-do-well sons of more successful parents and grandparents. Both men got to where they got by getting too many passes that were not available to regular Americans and performed poorly when they got there. McCain could not have even become a Naval pilot without that privileged treatment. His only decent public behavior came as a POW after some initial problems adhering to the Code of Conduct for POWs. He probably would not have gotten in the . Naval Academy without his privileged status and, even if he had, he most certainly would have flunked out as a result his poor performance there without that privileged status. Even with all that extra privilege McCain was still too lowly ranked (lieutenant commander … like a major in the Army) to be allowed into the Naval War College without getting a special exception to the rules that apply to all other applicants. That exception was provided by a political friend of his parents. George W Bush and John McCain are both underperforming children of privilege. Does America really want to elect as its next president yet another failed son with mediocre intellect and limited abilities? Have we not had enough of this?

Teddy roosevelt argumentative essay

teddy roosevelt argumentative essay


teddy roosevelt argumentative essayteddy roosevelt argumentative essayteddy roosevelt argumentative essayteddy roosevelt argumentative essay