Shirley goodness and mercy essay

The Independent Theatre Owners Association paid for an advertisement in The Hollywood Reporter in May 1938 that included Shirley Temple on a list of actors who deserved their salaries while others, such as Katharine Hepburn and Joan Crawford , were described as "whose box-office draw is nil". [49] That year, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm , Little Miss Broadway and Just Around the Corner were released. The latter two were panned by the critics, and Corner was the first of her films to show a slump in ticket sales. [50] The following year, Zanuck secured the rights to the children's novel, A Little Princess , believing the book would be an ideal vehicle for the girl. He budgeted the film at $ million (twice the amount of Corner ) and chose it to be her first Technicolor feature. The Little Princess was a 1939 critical and commercial success with Shirley's acting at its peak. Convinced that the girl would successfully move from child star to teenage actress, Zanuck declined a substantial offer from MGM to star her as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and cast her instead in Susannah of the Mounties , her last money-maker for Twentieth Century-Fox. [51] [52] The film was successful, but because she made only two films in 1939 instead of three or four, Shirley dropped from number one box-office favorite in 1938 to number five in 1939. [53]

Maybe he likes challenge since Shirley have a long term relationship with Greg. Smart gold digger will try to get the rich man to married her, at least when she divorce she get half of his asset. Hopefully there no prenuptial or ele she could end up with no money from him.
If you see this guy picture from the link above then he looks lazy, cocky, aggorant, not even show any respect for Shirley. As a woman like Shirley, I really hope he treats her well and stay faithful to her.
We all have our bottom line when it come to money, and if I have to choose married a man like Andy Ng, I rather go back to the old days and work like a dog in Xian, at least I have my dignity with me at night when I sleep.

Shirley goodness and mercy essay

shirley goodness and mercy essay


shirley goodness and mercy essayshirley goodness and mercy essayshirley goodness and mercy essayshirley goodness and mercy essay