Quoting a definition in an essay

Quotes are necessary to inform investors about the prices of securities. The information contained in a quote is sometimes limited; for example, it may not disclose which market makers are bidding for or offering the security, whether there are limit orders on the security, or the size of potential trades at a particular price. In other words, quotes do not give the viewer access to the "order book" showing who has an interest in a security and at what price. But quotes do give traders and investors a basic idea of how a security is doing.

The books of the Bible were personal stories of others. It should be read in historical light of the times to inspire us to learn to listen to God. It should never be used to throw lashes of phrases taken out of context. Any phrase if not read from the entire chapter and sometimes the entire book is taken out of context. We have grown accustomed to following what others say we should learn from the Bible rather than taking a lead from God to actually read and study it ourselves. I do not quote any text from the Bible that I have not applied to my life and then the quotes become a story of how I live my life.

late 14c., coten , "to mark (a book) with chapter numbers or marginal references," from Old French coter , from Medieval Latin quotare "distinguish by numbers, number chapters," from Latin quotus "which in order? what number (in sequence)?," from quot "how many," from PIE *kwo-ti- , from pronomial root *kwo- (see who ).

The sense development is via "to give as a reference, to cite as an authority" (1570s) to "to copy out or repeat exact words" (1670s). Modern spelling with qu- is from early 15c. The business sense of "to state the price of a commodity" (1866) revives the etymological meaning. Related: Quoted ; quoting .

Quoting a definition in an essay

quoting a definition in an essay


quoting a definition in an essayquoting a definition in an essayquoting a definition in an essayquoting a definition in an essay