Pros and cons homework

1. There are incredible and courageous acts of teaching occurring every single day that go unnoticed. This research reinforced the fact that our teachers are some of the most humble innovators of our time. I’m honored to work with them.
2. The flipped model, in my opinion, absolutely has the ability to positively impact students in every single classroom across the country. With the right amount of professional development, mixed in with the right amount of teachers willing to transfer some control to their students, this new “homework” approach can aid in our students learning.
3. Without the right amount of teacher training, or without the proper methods to distribute  technology  and video information, the flipped model is doomed to fail. As with any new instructional approach, a level of comfort and confidence must be deployed in order to be an effective approach.
4. The idea that the flipped classroom is the ABSOLUTE solution for EVERY classroom in America is false! The flipped model will work for some, and not others. It will work better in some classes, and be less effective in others. There will always be issues with access, ability, and approach. The flipped model will work if a committed attempt is offered and if the right material is incorporated in the curriculum, but it is not the sole solution to “fix” education.
5. I have come to learn, and firmly believe, that there is an absolute place for  video  in the classroom. As educators, we would be remiss not to leverage its power to reach and teach our students. This is the most visually literate generation of our time. Teacher and student generated videos for the purpose of instruction, motivation and engagement is something we must all consider if we want to improve our craft.  As educators, shouldn’t our  ultimate goal  be to help students become “learners, who can learn for themselves, by themselves.” (- Aaron Sams ,  Learning4Mastery ) 

Shelly your calling everyone small minded, yet your not stating all the facts on solar energy. Solar energy and wind power will not eventually burn out, how can you make assumptions like that. We all know that the sun isn’t available 24 hours. Your right about it be operational for about a half a day. But do you realize that solar power and wind power, do not cause pollution. And by using wind and solar energy, we wont be relying on fossil fuels. I can’t understand why so many of you are for nuclear energy. It is far more dangerous and costly.

Homework is how we refer to the school work that students are assigned to complete on their own time outside of school. Some of the pros of assigning homework include using time outside the classroom for reading or projects, extra independent practice, individualized remediation, pre-teaching vocabulary words, and teaching life skills. Some of the cons of assigning homework include not enough time outside the classroom to complete homework, they won't do it or someone else will, poor practice, and socioeconomic inequalities. There are both advantages and disadvantages to assigning homework, so some questions that teachers should ask themselves before giving homework to students include:

Pros and cons homework

pros and cons homework


pros and cons homeworkpros and cons homeworkpros and cons homeworkpros and cons homework