Phd dissertation stanford university

PhD candidates ought to carefully consider whether they have sufficient cause to embargo their dissertation given the possible costs of this course of action. As I detail above, many professional benefits can stem from releasing one’s dissertation online, especially in an open access forum. In contrast, as the University of California-Berkeley argued in a December 2013 memo , “The potential disadvantages of releasing the dissertation at the time of deposit, or after a short embargo, remain anecdotal.” While UC-Berkeley’s position is largely substantiated by my research, there are a few specific circumstances under which an embargo might be helpful.

Additional elective units must be technical courses (numbered 100 or above) related to the degree program and approved by the adviser and MS program administrator. All CS courses numbered above 110 (with the exception of CS 196 and 198) taken for 3 or more units are pre-approved as elective courses. Additionally, up to a maximum of 3 units of 500-level CS seminars, CS 300 , EE 380 , EE 385A , or other 1-2 unit seminars offered in the School of Engineering may be counted as electives. Elective courses may be taken on a satisfactory/no credit basis provided that a minimum of 36 graded units is presented within the 45-unit program.

The Application for Candidacy for a Doctoral Degree form specifies a departmentally approved program of study to fulfill degree requirements, including required course work, language requirements, teaching requirements, dissertation (final project and public lecture-demonstration for .), and University oral examination (for .). Prior to candidacy, at least 3 units of work must be taken with each of four Stanford faculty members. To reiterate, however, a student will only be admitted to candidacy if, in addition to the student's fulfilling departmental prerequisites, the faculty makes the judgment that the student has the potential to successfully complete the requirements of the degree program.

Phd dissertation stanford university

phd dissertation stanford university


phd dissertation stanford universityphd dissertation stanford universityphd dissertation stanford universityphd dissertation stanford university