Patriarchy essay topics

A liberal feminist would see this book as a stepping stone to equal opportunities as it is the beginning of change in gender and social norms, despite the women falling back on the social norms they are comfortable with much like Daisy. The radical feminists would see this novel as oppression towards women, as the men want to control their relationships with them and be the dominate male. Like Tom and his abusive relationship with Myrtle and Gatsby's obsession with Daisy. A Marxist would see the novel a bit like a liberal in a way as it is again, a stepping stone in changing the social/gender norms. But they would look at it more broadly as it is also a look on the changed in social class in which they also take into account. This can be seen with the rise in people with "new money" not coming from family and the change in women's stance in social class.

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Patriarchy essay topics

patriarchy essay topics


patriarchy essay topicspatriarchy essay topicspatriarchy essay topicspatriarchy essay topics