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Sheila, I find your post written from a guy who was addicted to porn, then lost his wife, quite upsetting. I have been married for 16 years and 3 years ago my husband finally confessed he had been addicted for thirteen years of our marriage, actually, since the age of 12. I had found something on the computer 10 years before he confessed. For those 10 years, I was lied to, yelled at, screamed at, blamed for being unforgiving, having no redemption, that it was just once and I had no redemption. He made out I was crazy and that I had an ‘over-active imagination’. And he lied to me, right to my face for 10 years. Having been through it, I can completely understand why that guy’s wife left. Broken trust, lies and deceit, pornography. I also have a chronic illness that I’d had in remission but the stress of my husband’s addiction caused a relapse. Please don’t give this guy all the pity. His wife had a right to leave. Also, you say people can’t up and leave for adultery ‘in the past’. Where in the bible does it say this? Yes…they can. If I committed adultery 10 minutes before my husband found out…that would be ‘in the past’. Sorry this guy lost his wife, but please don’t blame her. I have stayed with my husband because I have a daughter that needs care, and due to my health, I am unable to support her and myself. I think your post ‘downplays’ the severity of this on wives. Please don’t pity the husband. Us wives have been through enough.

Visible Thinking – Student Activities
3, 2, 1 Bridge
Circle of Viewpoints
Claim Support Question
Compass Points
Creative Hunt – Looking at parts, purposes, and audiences
Creative Questions
CSI – Color, Symbol, Image
Does it Fit      
Explanation Game
Here/Now There/Then
Options Diamond
Question Sorts
Question Starts
Red Light,Yellow Light for Truth
Reporters Notebook – Separating fact and feeling
See/Think/Wonder – exploring works of art and other interesting things
Step Inside: Perceive,Know about, Care about
Stop Look Listen – clarifying claims and sources
Think Puzzle Explore
Tug of War – the complexity of fairness dilemmas
Used to think – But now, I think
What Makes You Say That?

“I think this is an important contribution because the modeling is based directly on the intrinsic limits of physical properties of bone, which quickly circumscribes the types of forces that such large skeletons could tolerate,” Thomas Carr, a paleontologist at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, told Gizmodo. “In this case, running is eliminated for T. rex because the loads would simply snap the bones; this inference is consistent with previous work, and it is encouraging that different studies are converging on the same answer.”

Myth mans homework help center

myth mans homework help center


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