Montresor character analysis essay

This is another area where we can totally identify with Montresor. Critics have been arguing for a hundred years over whether Montresor is confessing his sins or bragging about his crimes. We say it’s probably a bit of both.

And this is something we can all relate to. Sometimes we get away with something that other people think is wrong but that we don’t think is wrong. Other times, we know what we did is wrong, and we wish somebody would find out so we can somehow try to make things right.

In both cases, we would love to tell somebody. When we brag, we want somebody to pat us on the back. When we confess, we want forgiveness; we want to be free of the burden of our secrets. And sometimes, we may not even know whether we are bragging or confessing until after we tell.

So, whether you think Montresor is confessing, bragging, or some combination of the two, you can relate to his desire to tell what he’s done, after all of this time.

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Montresor character analysis essay

montresor character analysis essay


montresor character analysis essaymontresor character analysis essaymontresor character analysis essaymontresor character analysis essay