Mixed methods dissertation checklist

“ Mixed methods studies are those that combine the qualitative and quantitative approaches into the research methodology of a single study or multiphased study ” (Tashakkori & Teddlie, 1998: 17-18). These studies use an interactive (systemic) approach to take advantage of each single method to get more valid answers to the underlying research questions (Maxwell & Loomis, 2003). Advocates of this strategy claim that all methods have limitations and that a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods may help neutralise biases inherent in any single method. Following Lacey (2001), most research is either based on case studies (N < 6) or on generalizable quantitative research supported by a variety of statistical tools, because researchers lack appropriate methods for handling multiple case studies (N=10-50). Mixed methodology may correct this problem. It is particularly suitable when researchers are interested in both, developing a detailed view of meaning of a phenomenon (in-depth qualitative analysis of a limited number of cases), and generalising the findings (quantitative methods).

Mixed methods dissertation checklist

mixed methods dissertation checklist


mixed methods dissertation checklistmixed methods dissertation checklistmixed methods dissertation checklistmixed methods dissertation checklist