Meaning of brotherhood essay

These are important days - possibly the last days.  Many in our ministry believe this to be true.  In this generation, the Kingdom of God is advancing against forces of evil. All of God’s image-bearing children are being called by Christ our King to follow Him in the purpose for which we each were uniquely created. Few will choose say “Yes” to the difficult journey of the “narrow road.” But the Band of Brothers do not want to miss out on our rightful heritage as “brothers of Christ.” Jesus once said, " Anyone who does God's will is my brother ."  ( Mark 3:35 ) We have pledged our lives to the mission that will echo throughout eternity. And we look forward to the eternal rewards for which we were made to receive. We are a few of the men who have said “Yes” to the call of our King Jesus Christ – to follow Him in battle – to become His disciples – and to become more like Him no matter the cost . And we are challenging other men to do the same – for we know we cannot fight this battle alone. We are crying out to other men to step up to the call and embrace their rightful heritage. The Band of Brothers is a group of men who have made the covenant with God:

The United States Army Brotherhood of Tankers, Inc., (USABOT), is organized for the purpose of preserving and publicizing the history of the United States Army Armored Forces and other related services that are within its capabilities and resources. Related services may include, but are not limited to, collection of artifacts, living history activities, and public education. The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Click the button to find the USABOT PX where you can join, renew memberhips or purchase a variety of Tanker Swag.

Meaning of brotherhood essay

meaning of brotherhood essay


meaning of brotherhood essaymeaning of brotherhood essaymeaning of brotherhood essaymeaning of brotherhood essay