Isb admission essays 2011

I am 33 and I did in 2004 with 64% and then prepared for some govt job. Finally i got one in 2008 and have been in profiles related to general administration, however, in supervisory role at the Secretariat. Its been 8 years now, and i feel stuck in a mundane, non-stimulating work environment. I feel that, best way to switch to the stimulating private sector would be an MBA from an institute of repute. I, however, dont know how to go about it. Should i think about MBA or drop an plan and let the depression devour me.?

Vivek: I had applied to Harvard and Wharton in the first round. I had listed down 15 top schools after referring down to rankings such as US News and Financial Times. I then listed down the strengths of the schools like Wharton was finance, Harvard is about General Management. I visited the schools’ websites and went through School Guidebook by one of the GMAT preparation companies. I then spoke to the alums and students from these schools. I finally arrived at a list of top 6 schools and made my choice: H , S and W in the first round and Kellogg , Booth and Columbia in the second round.

Isb admission essays 2011

isb admission essays 2011


isb admission essays 2011isb admission essays 2011isb admission essays 2011isb admission essays 2011