Figurative essay

Metaphor The Silken Tent Putting in the Seed Devotion   To Earthward   All Revelation Simile Mending Wall     Stars Going for Water   Birches   Hyla Brook Symbol The Road Not Taken Rose Pogonias Stopping by Woods The Pasture & Directive Come In   Personifi- cation My November Guest Mowing Range-Finding Tree at my Window  Storm Fear Apostrophe    Take Some- thing like a Star Tree at my Window Mending Wall     Synecdoche Stopping by Woods The Gift Outright   I Will Sing You One-O   Kitty Hawk   Fire and Ice Metonymy   Out, Out         Allegory or Parable After Apple- Picking The Grindstone The Lockless Door   Birches   Design Paradox Nothing Gold Can Stay   The Gift Outright   Ghost House   Fire and Ice The Tuft of Flowers Hyperbole A Star in a Stoneboat   Etherealizing After Apple-Picking Stopping by Woods The Milky Way is a Cowpath Under Statement   Fire and Ice   Mowing   Hyla Brook My November Guest Brown's Descent Irony  Birches Range-Finding The Road Not Taken   Ghost House   Stars

PART I: Use the article “Urban Farms” to answer the following two questions.
1) Why do urban residents need to rely on food grown in rural areas?
Many urban farmers need proteins and they can’t have fast food because it’s made of grown food so most decide to grow their own fruits and veggies.
2) Read this sentence from the article. “In New York City, urban farmers have come up with many different ways to grow their own produce, even though there isn’t a lot of room.” What is the way that Brooklyn Grange has come up with to grow its own produce?

Figurative essay

figurative essay


figurative essayfigurative essayfigurative essayfigurative essay