Expository essays sample

If we look towards East, especially Asia, we find a number of frightening stories that sound authentic. In Japan, there is a legend about a samurai’s wife called Kuchisake Onna. It is said that she cheated on her husband with another man, and as a punishment, her husband cut open her mouth to twice its size. It is said that her spirit still haunts the country. She approaches her victim wearing a coat and a mask and asks, “Am I pretty?” If the victim answers her ‘yes’, she takes off her mask and repeats her question. If the victim seems horrified or screams, she cuts his mouth with a knife and kills him.

Below are sample essays I have received from your classmates.  For each essay, I'll post at least a couple examples of papers with my comments so that you get a sense of what I am looking for.   I intend my comments to be constructive, and they may sound harsh or sometimes appear sarcastic, but I read these drafts trying to be a typical reader, giving a sentence-by-sentence run-down of what's going through my head.  In essence I am having a mental dialog with these papers, and my comments range from notes about the content and structure to grammar and usage.

Expository essays sample

expository essays sample


expository essays sampleexpository essays sampleexpository essays sampleexpository essays sample