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Covert Censorship by the Physics Preprint Archive - This page on censorship in Physics is here to show people that there are serious problems in getting new knowledge published in Journals (particularly if it contradicts current paradigm of 'particles' and 'fields', where it is just assumed that particle / wave duality is insolvable, waves are just 'probability waves', etc.). The particular example I have used relates to problems that Nobel Physics Laureate Brian Josephson had in getting articles published. But the problem is endemic and applies equally to philosophy.

Although you wouldn’t think it, data modeling can be one of the most challenging tasks that an Agile DBA can be involved with on an agile software development project. Your approach to data modeling will often be at the center of any controversy between the agile software developers and the traditional data professionals within your organization. Agile software developers will lean towards an evolutionary approach where data modeling is just one of many activities whereas traditional data professionals will often lean towards a big design up front (BDUF) approach where data models are the primary artifacts, if not THE artifacts.  This problem results from a combination of the cultural impedance mismatch , a misguided need to enforce the "one truth" , and “normal" political maneuvering within your organization. As a result Agile DBAs often find that navigating the political waters is an important part of their data modeling efforts.

The type of the attribute/column

  • Need to support derived data
  • Different databases have different possible types
  • Some types have sizes ( CHAR) whereas with others the size is implied (. Double)
  • Tables have one or more columns
  • Entities have one or more attributes
  • System columns are only accessible by the system itself
  • Data columns are accessible to any user/program granted rights to access the column
  • Users/programs may have different types of access to a column, including read and update access
  • Need to model relationships

    Essays about physical child abuse

    essays about physical child abuse


    essays about physical child abuseessays about physical child abuseessays about physical child abuseessays about physical child abuse