Essay on my journey into space

The first memory I have of literacy was when I was in kindergarten. We were learning the alphabet and all I wanted to do was figure out how to put the letters together to form an word. As simple as it may seem, the first word I learned was cat. I felt accomplished, even at the age of 5, to have learned such a small word. I even learned the definition of c-a-t even though I knew what a cat was, I had never spelled it before. I believe I drove my parents crazy because I walked around spelling every word they said.
As I graduated from one grade to the next, the words I learned grew as did my knowledge. I was always the goof-ball studying way past my bed time for my spelling tests. One word, in particular that I had misspelled, still lingers to this day. The word is across. I had spelled it "a-c-r-o-s-s," and I just knew that was right. When I received my graded paper, there was a red X mark. I was so upset with myself that my teacher had to pull me out into the hall to calm me down because I was crying so hard that I had disrupted the rest of the class. I still have to check myself when I spell that word and that was many years ago. Then was also when I realized how hard I am on myself because that word was the only one I had misspelled! I cannot believe I was a perfectionist even back then. I suspect that was also when I realized how important being literate was and is. I am grateful for my education and the ability to learn as well as write. I never want to take that for granted.
Even though I loved words and learning the meanings of words, I still had somewhat of a hard time understanding what I read. It was like I could not comprehend and retain everything. I was always shy when it came to reading stories out loud in the classroom. I wanted to read with emphasis on certain words and use accents where I felt they were appropriate, but I always felt subconscious. There were far better readers than I, but I did not give up. I just did...

The “Copper Canyon” Adventure Park is located in the near the railway station of Chihuahua to the Pacific known as “El Divisadero”. Besides the natural beauty of the area and the ancient culture of Tarahumaras that inhabit the region, now has one of the most impressive mountain parks in the world.
This has a set of 7 zip lines and two suspension bridges to add nearly 5 kilometers, comprising a via ferrata, repel, rock climbing and a small suspension bridge accessed via a Tarzan jump, a restaurant with spectacular terraces and glass floor, ancient walking trails, mountain bike rentals, camping sites, horseback riding and finally, the third longest cable car in the world, with 3 miles of cable without intermediate towers.

Essay on my journey into space

essay on my journey into space


essay on my journey into spaceessay on my journey into spaceessay on my journey into spaceessay on my journey into space