E-crm essay

We are seeking an offshore / nearshore Senior Ruby Engineer to join our team. The position is full-time and remote. To minimize timezone challenges, we are looking mainly in South and Central America, Eastern Europe and Russia. You should be able to overlap a few hours of your time every day with normal business hours in the US.

You’ll be joining a talented, friendly team of 9-12 other developers based around the world.

You will be developing enterprise-level open-source education solutions including Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and related systems for mid- to large-scale clients in the United States.

Skills and Experience

We prefer developers who are comfortable in multiple languages and embrace new approaches to solve problems. Our typical project stack is Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL. We highly value effective software architecture, test-driven development methods, and good project management methodology. We have a strong CI and deployment pipeline that enables us to focus on writing good software.


3+ lead/senior developer, 3+ years Ruby
10+ years experience in software development, IT or Ed Tech
Some DevOps/Linux experience with AWS/Azure/Rackspace/Heroku/DigitalOcean
Experience with SQL - Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL or Oracle
Excellent verbal and written communication skills and fluent English

Please apply even if you do not match these requirements exactly but think you could be a good fit.

In summary, nowadays e-CRM is widely considered as a competitive tool that increases profitability and subsequently competitiveness of organizations. This issue is also equally importantly critical for SMEs. Although much has been written about these subjects but the body of SME marketing knowledge still suffers from an absence of a comprehensive, analytical and practical theory-building study to explain the different aspects and dimensions of the influences of e-CRM on overall performance of a SME. This study addressed this gap from an ICT industrial perspective by proposing a theoretical model.

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E-crm essay

e-crm essay


e-crm essaye-crm essaye-crm essaye-crm essay