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These early shows influenced how general TV comedies and series (especially family themed sitcoms) were developed. They often included brief dramatic interludes and more serious subject matter. An example of a successful comedy-drama series that distinguished this genre in television was the series Moonlighting . It generated critical acclaim and was a highly rated series worldwide. Another example of a successful comedy-drama was the television series Eight Is Enough . The show was distinct, because it was not a comedy-drama in the traditional sense. It was an hour-long series that used a laugh track, which was very unusual, but is considered a comedy-drama for the fact that it alternated between drama and comedy. [ citation needed ]

I like how Minhyuk is confident in himself, and is actually turned on, not off, by Bongsoon's strength. There's something I wanna comment about in relation to WFKBJ, but will save that for ep. 2 recap. I was expecting Minhyuk to hire Bongsong on the spot outside the police station, so I was surprised to see him think of that later. The whole arm wrestling was too funny. Poor Secretary Gong! That whole flying back into the wall scene was hilarious, especially when viewed from Bongsoon's perspective. Getting the helmet from the delivery guy was brilliant.

Drama essay woman black

drama essay woman black


drama essay woman blackdrama essay woman blackdrama essay woman blackdrama essay woman black