Disappearing cross coursework

I live in Pasco County, FL. Our subdivision is off . 41 about 4 miles north of SR 52. Lago Verde Mine abuts our subdivision and is a sand mine. On May 7, 2013, Commissioners Mulieri, Schrader, Starkey, and Wilson approved the mine to blast limestone up to 3 times a month for 15 years. Even with our area being in the cone of influence of Cross Bar Wellfield. Cross Bar Wellfield has been pumping millions of gallons of water per day from our area since 1980. Even with the reduced pumping due to the Water Wars, it still pumps on average 400 million gallons of water from our area each month (and sends the water to Pinellas County). The water table in this area is greatly reduced due to the years of groundwater pumping. We have lost all our lakes and ponds…except Lake Loyce and Monsees Pond, which are augmented. We presented two 6″ binders full of scientific data and expert reports and still four commissioners turned their back on the community and approved the limestone blasting permit. We are afraid we are doomed to devalued properties, sinkholes, noise from trucks, crushers, conveyors, dust, contaminated wells. How could those four Commissioners sell us out????

Disappearing cross coursework

disappearing cross coursework


disappearing cross courseworkdisappearing cross courseworkdisappearing cross courseworkdisappearing cross coursework