Developing argument essays

In an effort to help the wolves form viable packs, biologists hope to solve the other problem that concerns them, "the tendency of a stressed wolf to go it alone" (Carpenter 15). A consequence of moving wolves from their habitat is that their social structure breaks down. In an interview with Dr. Marcella Cranford, proponent of wolf relocation, veterinarian and expert on wolf behavior, she explained, "Lone wolves don't make it. They survive as a family or they don't survive at all" (.). A result of the breakdown is that "mates separate and some abandon pups in their haste to return to familiar turf" (Carpenter 15). Biologists believe that in order to form viable packs, they must capture wolves of different ages. The assumption is that when they calm down, the captured wolves will establish a new pack. It is evident from biologists' concerns that wolves not only are intelligent creatures, but also have ties to family and fear of change, as humans do.

Keep full bibliographical records of your sources, including exact page references, AS YOU GO ALONG, and try and do it according to your university’s conventions (ie MHRA, MRA, Chicago, etc) from the start. FULLY transcribe relevant passages on which you are basing your notes. Similarly, avoid draft notes to yourself like ‘Doesn’t Eagleton say something like this? Fill in later.’ Chase it up straight away so that you don’t forget either your thought process or where it came from. It is frustrating how often critics turn out not to be saying exactly what you thought you remembered them saying. So, try to process what we might call the admin of your research quickly and efficiently. You will kick yourself if you don’t, and be obliged to spend a miserable 8 weeks going back over every source to check its particulars. Get in the habit early so you don’t have to experience this black hole.

Developing argument essays

developing argument essays


developing argument essaysdeveloping argument essaysdeveloping argument essaysdeveloping argument essays