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When DreamWorks Animation co-president Bonnie Arnold gave this year's undergrad commencement speech, she noticed a big change on campus from when she graduated from the communications program (a precursor to the film program) in 1978. "So many women in the audience," she says. "There were a lot less women when I was there. So I had to think like one of the boys." But it's not just gender barriers being broken: Unlike most other programs, Boston University doesn't make a distinction between film and TV — a mind-set that department chairman Paul Schneider calls "an outdated way of thinking that will handicap students who are moving into the rapidly evolving media world."

In rural communities the tavern was a very important public space. The tavern offered the community not only a place to meet, but also a place to conduct business. The tavern also acted as an improptu court house where rules could be made and disputes could be settled. [12] From 1660 to 1665 the Virginia government met in Jamestown at the local taverns. From 1749 to 1779, the Mosby Tavern was the courthouse , jail , and militia rendezvous for Cumberland County, Virginia and later for Powhatan County, Virginia . Gifford Dalley managed City Tavern in Philadelphia, which served as an unofficial meeting place for the First Continental Congress and in documents he served as the Keeper of the Door for the First, Second and Third United States Congresses. Daily's brother-in-law Samuel Fraunces owned Fraunces Tavern in New York City where Congress met while City Hall was under construction. The last time Congress met at a tavern it was at Fraunces Tavern. The Tun Tavern in Philadelphia is regarded as the place where the . Marines were first recruited. Neither place still exists. A reconstruction of City Tavern in Philadelphia is still in operation.

What kind of bugs that bite that you can't see would these be?

My daughter went to South Africa in October. She bought a pillow cover from an outside market. In November she began to feel something biting her. She said it feels like bugs on her skin.

We think it is some type of mite, but we can't see it. They are now embedded in her head. She cut all her hair, but it still didn't help.

Have you ever heard of anything like this before?

Hi Vickie,

How frustrating for your poor daughter!

There are certainly bugs that bite that you can't see. Your guess of mites is a pretty good one.

Scabies is a common mite that is very itchy. They burrow under the skin, but usually leave a rash or tracks that you can see.

Does your daughter have actual bite marks that you can see on her head? Is she feeling this biting sensation anywhere else on her body?

It's possible that the pillow cover she purchased in South Africa was the source of the problem, but not necessarily.

I would assume that she has washed the cover and perhaps even stopped using it altogether. If the bugs were from the cover, she would also need to thoroughly clean her bedding, too. Otherwise she would just re-infect herself repeatedly.

The other possibility is that she picked up a parasite elsewhere, from drinking water, bad food, etc. Even though her symptoms seem to indicate a skin parasite, you'd be surprised at how intestinal parasites can also give you similar symptoms. Our body is all connected.

Besides cutting her hair, what has your daughter tried to get rid off the problem? There are a couple of things I can think of that she may want to try topically.

First of all, I would suggest that she get some organic apple cider vinegar (with the "mother" in it). You can get this at your local health food store, or order it online from Puritan's Pride .

Tell her to rinse her head once or twice per day with the ACV. She can use it straight if she wants or dilute it down some in water (mix 1/2 cup in pot of water and pour it over her head).

Warn her that if she has open sores on her head, the apple cider vinegar is likely to sting for a few minutes.

The other option is that she make up her own special shampoo that she can use to help get rid of external parasites. Just get any cheap brand of shampoo (about 12 oz) and add the following essential oils to the bottle...

  • 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil
  • 5 drops of Geranium oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender oil
  • 5 drops of Neem oil
  • 5 drops of Thyme oil

Give it a good shake and wash her head daily with this 'special herbal shampoo.' Some of these oils are very anti-parasitic and may do the trick for her.

I'm a big believer in treating from the inside out, too, especially when I'm not 100% sure of the underlying cause.

If I were in your daughter's shoes, I would immediately get a couple bottles of Para 90 and a couple bottles of Florafood and begin taking them with each meal.

Take 2 Para 90 3x per day and 2 Florafood 2x per day for a month. The Para 90 helps to eliminate parasites and the Florafood is a combination of probiotics to build up the good bacteria in your body that helps to keep your immune system strong and fighting.

You can order Para 90 and Florafood here and if you want to try making up the herbal shampoo, you can get most of the essential oils at Puritan's Pride if you can't find them locally.

I hope your daughter gets rid of these bugs that bite that you can't see very soon.

Let me know if I can be of further help.
Kind regards,

Cider house rules thesis

cider house rules thesis


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