Celebration of teachers day essay

My sister teaches middle-school English, and has told amazing stories about kids who were never into reading suddenly "getting it," or a kid who was apathetic suddenly becoming the star of her annual class production of "Our Town." There's a whole section about Amanda putting on a production of "Hamlet," that made me think of my sister, of all teachers, who give so much, who care so much that the kids being successful is their success. This is not a new idea, but it is one that needs constant reiterating in a world where teachers are criminally undervalued. Amanda casts dyslexic Ted as the Ghost—a risky proposition, but Amanda thinks he is up to the challenge. He will require tremendous coaching. The look on Amanda's face backstage when Ted nails his performance as the Ghost is worth the price of admission.

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Celebration of teachers day essay

celebration of teachers day essay


celebration of teachers day essaycelebration of teachers day essaycelebration of teachers day essaycelebration of teachers day essay