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142,024,433,315 (OMIR for 1st);
129,140,850,245 (OMIR for 2nd);
109,689,985,935 (OMIR for 3rd);
113,028,111,843 (OMIR for 4th);
202,409,619,045 (OMIR for 7th);
173,176,356,278 (OMIR for 8th);
126,117,317,180 (OMIR for 9th);
139,534,966,792 (OMIR for 10th);
189,961,549,747 (OMIR for 11th);
194,840,848,150 (OMIR for 14th);
236,850,692,832 (OMIR for 15th);
241,421,049,361 (OMIR for 16th);
270,477,236,528 (OMIR for 17th);
404,332,849,598 (OMIR for 18th);
502,683,475,196 (OMIR for 21st);
687,860,375,011 (OMIR for 22nd);
495,932,559,520 (OMIR for 23rd);
488,452,876,313 (OMIR for 24th);
619,334,351,928 (OMIR for 25th);
525,086,664,547 (OMIR for 28th);
456,921,446,064 (OMIR for 30th);
669,809,343,407 (OMIR for 31st);
(Source [147] )

1976 two dollar bills were somewhat exciting to the general public because this marked the first time a denomination of United States money had seen a redesign in many years.  Prior to 1976 all two dollar bills featured Monticello on the back of the bill.  1976 and newer two dollar bills show The Signing of the Declaration of Independence.  This design is still very exotic and intricate compared to the back of most money. The front of the bill is still very similar to old twos.  It features Thomas Jefferson.  1976 $2s are often called bicentennial twos.

Since % of Canada's exports go to the ., and % of imports into Canada come from the . [26] Canadians are interested in the value of their currency mainly against the . dollar. Although domestic concerns arise when the dollar trades much lower than its . counterpart, there is also concern among exporters when the dollar appreciates quickly. A rise in the value of the dollar increases the price of Canadian exports to the . On the other hand, there are advantages to a rising dollar, in that it is cheaper for Canadian industries to purchase foreign material and businesses.

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