Best modern love essays

Love, as elusive as a snow flake from the sky, even as elusive as grasping on to God. At 50, she still plays her hide and seek with me, and I continue to passionately pursue her, only to grasp on to shrouds of words, stories, thoughts, people, and self. Does anyone really, on a fundamental basis know what love is outside their own little domain of life? I have known loss of love via parents and siblings untimely death, but loss is not love itself. Is love a feeling that runs our engines? My question is this, do you truly believe that “love” has ever changed throughout the centuries to come down to this thing called modern love? Love is like a outstanding Turner landscape “timeless” and “etheral.” It is all the wonderful deeply profound relationships which transcends all space, time and linear understanding. So what is really is the meaning of modern love??

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Best modern love essays

best modern love essays


best modern love essaysbest modern love essaysbest modern love essaysbest modern love essays